Saturday, January 10, 2009

Catch up..

What a week it's been! It's actually been pretty crazy! Here's a little re-cap:

- The wind storm early in the week blew down our 6 ft privacy fence that we (in the not so distant past) paid a pretty penny for!! I was a little upset, but Travis was able to get it all back up and secure (thank u babe for your hard work!!)

- Lots of different things going on at work that kept me very busy this week! (But I am as thankful as ever that I have a job!)

-As I'm sure many of you have already heard, yesterday was an extremely sad day for Southampton County when a young 4 year old precious boy was struck and killed by a bus. I think it really shook a lot of us up. We gathered together at work yesterday morning and prayed for this family and the community, but I encourage you to continue to pray during this difficult time. I pray that this family doesn't get bitter with God, I pray for healing and peace, I pray for the bus driver who will live with this guilt and I pray that God bring peace to the entire community, as it is hard to find reasons and answers to a situation so tragic as the loss of a child.

-Other happenings.... I am starting school (yes you heard right, school) AHHHH. I thought I was finished with school, but I have decided to take a few classes at the community college. Classes begin this Wendesday so wish me luck! I am thankful for the opportunity to follow my heart and realize that it is a priveledge.

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend! God Bless


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